Services Offered

We provide traditional, cremation, prearranged, immediate burial and out of town receiving/forwarding services.

Traditional Funeral Service: A service where the body is present for visiting hours and a funeral ceremony is conducted either privately or publicly, usually at the funeral home or a church. The visitation can be the same day just prior to the service or the day before the service.

Direct Cremation: When a cremation is preferred it may be immediate with no viewing. With this service, families may want a memorial service either at the funeral home or elsewhere with or without the cremains present. Many families choose to have a visitation and a funeral service with an open casket followed by cremation.

Prearranging: More and more people are prearranging their funeral. It gives them to opportunity to express their wishes with family, make informed choices and take the stress and burden off of their family at a most difficult time. It also gives those who have no family to make their arrangements a peace of mind, knowing that their instructions will be carried out. For a personal consultation on prearranging and pre-funding, please contact us.

Immediate Burial: This is burial that without visitation or funeral ceremony. A memorial service may be held later, either at the funeral home or elsewhere.